Article 0.
Only applies to person or persons not booking with an affiliated tour operator (see list from accommodation drop down menu on Booking Page)- a minimum amount is required before we can offer a delivery service.  Small orders can still be collected at the shop.

Article 1.
The client assumes total responsibility for all rental equipment delivered to their holiday accommodation or taken from the Doorstep Skis premises.

Article 2.
The equipment is fully serviced and maintained in a condition appropriate for it's desired use, and as such, should only be used for its intended purpose. It must be returned in a condition consistent with normal usage.

Article 3.
The hired equipment is to be used only by the clients whose names appear on any specific or relevant rental contract. The equipment must not be re-hired or loaned to a third party.

Article 4.
 In the case of theft, loss or damage to any rental equipment, the client undertakes to pay the full replacement costs as stipulated in Article 13.  If however, a client chooses to take our Ski/Snowboard Rental Insurance Cover then he/she will be exempt from certain charges as detailed per Article 14.

Article 5.
The duration of a rental is fixed for the period stipulated on the rental contract, or at the time of receiving rental equipment. This rental period cannot be modified. 

Article 6.
Proof of identity and/or a credit card imprint may be demanded in order to establish the rental contract.

Article 7.
The client having previously supplied a credit card number or card imprint authorizes and gives permission to the shop to charge the appropriate amount to his or her card in settlement of all outstanding debts resulting from unpaid rental charges, missing equipment or equipment returned and in need of repair in accordance with the Article 13.

Article 8.
Payment must be received for the hired equipment once equipment has been received and fitted at the start of your holiday. Costs will only apply to the stipulated duration of hire as per the rental contract.

Article 9.
In all cases of litigation regarding the present contract the competent court will be the small claims court nearest to the point of rental.

Article 10.
In the case of equipment not returned or made available for collection by us from their holiday accommodation, in whatever circumstances, the client will be charged the replacement cost of such equipment plus the hire charges.

Article 11.
Your personal information is solely for use by the rental shop. The information which is asked for when opening a rental contract allows us to provide you with a better service. It is compulsory to answer all the questions except those marked as optional.

Article 12.
All equipment bears identifying marks and/or numbers. It must be returned with the same identifying marks and/or numbers. Any deterioration in condition will result in the client bearing the cost of repairs or, in the case of irreparable damage the replacement cost of the equipment, plus the rental cost.

Article 13.
Replacement costs for lost, stolen or irreparably damaged equipment is as follows;
Beginner Skis - €250
Progression Skis and Snowboards- €350
Performance Skis and Snowboards- €500
Premium Skis-€700
Junior Skis- €200
Child Skis- €140
Ski or Snowboard Boots- €150
Poles (a set)- €40
Helmets- €50

Article 14.

When placing a booking, or upon delivery of his/her rental equipment, the customer can insure their rental skis or rental snowboards against accidental damage or theft.

Cost of insurance is 12% of our shop prices, with no excess, for the specific category of equipment reserved by the customer and the rental period chosen.

Loss, damage or theft of poles, helmets and boots are also covered by our equipment insurance cover.

In the case of a claim for Theft to rental skis or rental snowboards, the customer must provide a statement of the theft report made to the police.

In the event of damage to the ski equipment, the customer must bring the damaged equipment back to the shop.

Our equipment insurance covers one claim per piece of equipment rented. We only offer one policy, per person, per holiday period. We can offer another policy to a claiment, after a 2 week cooling period after any single claim.

Our insurance option does not provide cover for any excessive damage or loss of rental equipment, considered to have been the result of negligence on the part of the client. Our insurance does not cover loss of equipment through loss such as off piste skiing or snowboarding. In such cases, Article 4, from our Terms and Conditions will be applied.