Since working with CoolEarth, our customers have helped save and protect 495 acres of rainforest.


"In the next 24 hours, deforestation will release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 8 million people flying from London to New York.  That’s about 100 acres cleared every minute. "

The simple idea behind Cool Earth is that rainforests are worth much more to us left standing, helping to cool the planet, than they are cut down for timber or burnt to clear land for cattle ranching.

We donate a percentage of all our online bookings to CoolEarth and with your money CoolEarth-

  • Secures rainforest which would be destroyed over the next 18 months.
  • Puts the money in a local trust and make the communities there the legal custodians of this land.
  • Through community rangers and satellite imagery they monitor and protect the rainforest from any illegal activity around the clock.
  • Thinks strategically, protecting land which will block off a wider landscape from illegal loggers.
  • There's no denying logging has provided an income to some local people. Cool Earth enables them to earn a better income through sustainable employment programmes.
  • By supporting schools, clinics and sustainable jobs, Cool Earth makes sure forest protection goes hand in hand with better lives.

So far, our customers have contributed towards 492 acres of Ashaninka Rainforest.  A big big thank you all.