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  • How early or how late can I have my rental equipment delivered?

    We’re generally open from 8am until 9pm but you’re welcome to request a fitting out-with these hours.

  • What happens if the boots you deliver don’t fit?

    Easy, we’ll try you in another pair until we have you in a suitable fitting boot. Our delivery vans always carry plenty of spares in order to make sure you receive the perfect set of boots for your ability and foot-shape/size.

  • How accurate do the sizes need to be on your booking forms?

    As accurate as possible please. The information you give us goes a long way in deciding which spares to bring, so if the information you give us is wrong, then we may be bringing the wrong equipment to fit you out. More accurate information will definitely help us provide you with a quicker, smoother service.

  • What happens if I have a problem with the rental equipment?

    Simply give us a phone and we’ll get it sorted out for you. We’ll either get it sorted there and then for you, or meet you at your accommodation and sort it there.

  • What happens if I want to change my equipment?

    Give us a phone and we’ll arrange a time to meet you at your accommodation to change your equipment. Or simply visit the shop if you’re passing.

  • How much does it cost if I want to change to from skis to a snowboard or vice versa?

    We will charge you for the number of days you use each piece of equipment. The more days you use a single piece of equipment the cheaper the daily rate is. Therefore for example, if you use a piece of equipment for 3 days and then another piece of equipment for 3 days this will then work out a little bit more expensive than a straight 6 day hire.

  • Which category of ski rental equipment should I choose?

    We’d recommend “Beginner Equipment” for beginners, “Progression Equipment” for beginner-intermediates to intermediates. For advanced-intermediates to advanced skiers we’d recommend either “Performance or Exclusive Skis”, while our “Exclusive” range of skis are ideal for the advanced to expert level skier. If you choose to hire boots as well, we will pair up suitable ski boots to match the performance and characteristics of your skis.

  • Which category of snowboard rental equipment should I choose?

    We’d recommend “Progression Equipment” for beginner to intermediate snowboarders. For advanced-intermediates to expert snowboarders we’d recommend either “Performance” level snowboards. If you choose to hire boots as well, we will pair up suitable boots to match the performance and characteristics of your snowboard.

  • Will my rental equipment be fully serviced before I receive it?

    Yes. Skis and snowboards receive a full service after every rental and come with a condition specific wax. Boots and helmets are fully dried, sanitized and deodorized.

  • Are skis poles included in the cost of hiring skis?

    Yes they are.

  • How and when do I pay for my rental equipment?

    We’ll ask you for payment once you’ve been fitted and are happy with your rental equipment. We take payment in cash, credit or debit card. No pre-payment is necessary but if you would like to pre-pay we can make arrangements to do so.

  • How do I go about returning my equipment?

    We’ll either pre-arrange a pick-up time when we fit you out, or simply give us a phone when you’ve finished and we’ll collect your equipment from your accommodation. Or you’re free to drop it into the shop.

  • Do you provide any form of insurance against theft or loss of equipment?

    Yes, when placing a booking, or upon delivery of his/her rental equipment, the customer can insure their rental skis or rental snowboards against accidental damage or theft by taking our Multi-Risk Insurance cover.  See Article 14 in our Terms and Conditions for full details.

  • What happens if my equipment gets stolen or goes missing? And then what happens next?

    Give us a phone and we’ll advise you on what to do next. We’ll also get you fitted out with other equipment so that you can get on with your holiday. If, by the end of your holiday, your equipment has not been found or handed in, then we will charge you the cost of replacing your equipment.  If however, you have taken our Multi-Risk Insurance, we will cover the costs of your rental equipment, specific to our Terms and Conditions.

  • Is theft a problem in the resort?

    Generally speaking no, but from time to time, Morzine can be the target of thieves. By keeping your equipment in sight, or by locking it up, you’ll eliminate any chance of it going missing.

  • Are there any properties you can't deliver to?

        There are certain properties that for various reasons we unable to offer delivery to. These properties include; The   Viking hotel, the Hotel Petit Dru, Hotel Le Dahu, La Bergerie and the Sporting Hotel. You are still able to pick up your equipment from our shop. Simply enter 'To Shop' in the accommodation bar.